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Our Values

Cloud technology and services purpose-built for the complex needs of global IT organizations

We help

We help customers to improve their buisness

Our customers, are important for us, We do everything to improve their business and to provide all the solutions that we need...
We listen

We listen to your needs

Our team are listening continuously to your needs, to help you with good solutions, and solve quickly your problems
We build

We build efficient solutions

Our RND departement is looking all the time, for innovation, faster and secure solutions to let our customers updated..
We insist

We insist in the highest standards

Our quality of service, require us to follow the highest standards, our guidelines are inspired from a certified process, so our advices must will garantee professionnal and protected ecosystem.
We have new vision

We have new vision toward IT services

Our job consist of beeing innovative and different, our company offer always a new way to solve problems with...

Cloud Architecture

Best practice And Well architected Framework revue
Good Infrastructe, is a good architected one, with our team and our advices, our customers will be...
Use case Design from end to end
Our team will do all the best to simplify the architecture of our customers infrasture
Cloud Landing Zone design and implementation
Good Cloud infrastructure need an implecit hight level, and hight avaibality solution...
Migration RoadMap to target Cloud plateform
For all your migrations, our team will help you to migrate your platform with easy ways...
Design hybrid solutions
Whatever will be your business, our team will find the right good solution to keep your company updated, protected...

Professional services

Automation cloud infrastructure and deploiements in IaC approache

By automating the provisioning, configuration, and management of your cloud-based infrastructure, your organization can free up time and resources for mission-critical innovation instead of routine maintenance.

CI/CD, application strategies deployments

Continuous integration and Continuous deployment, can be one of the hardest jobs, our team can support your organisation and can implement a very helpfull strategies to make your daily developpement tasks easier.

Configuration Mangement

Configuring your platform, your servers or application, can fully easy manged by our team, with full support and documentation for your testing, deployment or implmentation.

Fullstack Serverless design and developpement

Serverless applications is one of the biggest modern skills, their complexity and scope can start to grow. That growth brings a need to follow structured practices to deploy your applications in a way that minimizes bugs, maintains application security, and allows you to develop more rapidly.

Big Data/IOT/machine learning Workload implementation

The IOT, Big Data, Machine Learning are the new trends, mastering them is a big asset, our engineers are daily updated and can assist your organisation to a deep dive ot them and to have a simple handover

Cloud Migration and hybridation

Hybridize your cloud platform, can assit you to build and design the most efficient Cloud architecture and the most successful strategy

Team teachning and coaching to become autonoums on cloud management

Our engineers and team leaders, are on continous learning system, we are always sharing our best technologies, tips, solutions to ensure that our customers will have the last and good solution for there organization

Monitoring Workloads

Monitoring is one of the most important steps on implementing a cloud infrastracture, that's why our team will find the best solution to monitor, detect problems, find fast and good solution to keep alive your organization

Business support

24/7 Infrastructure change and incident management

Our team will be on your service 24/7, with our certified process we will make your life easier

Iac, templates realisation, delivery under your terms

Infrastructure As Code, is a good why to make your deployment and your insfrastructure shaped as you want

Workloads Hosting

Hosting require a big knowledge and mastering the different projet requirements, that's why our engineers will share the best practices to let you manage your servers as you want

Mastered plateforms

The Sky Team

Every Skystacks Member is certified
Every Skystacks member is supported by Skystacks Expert
Skystacks Team is customer obsessed and sensible to the highest standards

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